So white people voted for Obama by the masses but yet this Country is now racist for voting for Trump??? Couple things....
1- Hillarys black??? Wow I missed that. 
2- What exactly did Trump say to make him racist? Don't give me the left Media talking point sound bites. I want FACT.
3- White America did not hate Obama because he was black, they voted for him. They hate him because he sucked as a President. PERIOD.
4- What do you call the thousands and thousands of black people that voted for Obama then now Trump? Is there a word yet for them like Uncle Barracks?
5- What do you call BLM violent protestors that beat up an old white man? That's not racist?
6- Do the thousands of people protesting not understand that people didn't just vote FOR Trump they voted AGAINST Hillary and the Political establishment. It had ZERO to do with race.
7- MORONS! Just wanted to get that in : )