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Rental Owner FAQ's | Destiny Property Management

Owners FAQ's

How soon will my rental properties filled?

At Destiny Property Management , our goal is to ensure that your property is filled as quickly as possible. We use a variety of marketing tactics to find new tenants quickly and give your property the best opportunity to succeed. In many cases, we’re able to get properties rented within a day. There are many variables that come into play when renting a property. They include location, school district, rent price, property condition and amenities. Our experienced leasing staff prices properties to rent after taking into account these variable.

How is the cost of property advertisement covered?

Destiny Property Management absorbs the cost to advertise your property. Tenants do not pay for ads!

How does Destiny Property Management ensure the best rental rate for my property?

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible ROI. Our team is experienced and will ensure that you’ll get competitive rental rates for your property by conducting a comparative market analysis.

What happens if a tenant is unable to pay rent?

If a tenant is unable to pay rent, we take all necessary steps to collect the funds owed. The first thing we’ll do is notify the tenant that they are in default and that rent is due. If the tenant doesn’t honor the notice within the time-frame provided, we’ll have no option but to begin eviction proceedings against them. For every tenant that Destiny Property Management moves in,Destiny Property Management   will pay the court filing fee and sheriff fee to evict the tenant. Destiny Property Management  is fully versed in all matters regarding tenant evictions. We will only resort to tenant eviction when every other solution has failed.

Will I still have control over my property if Destiny Property Management manages my property?

Yes, you will still have control over your property. Your final approval will be needed for any tenant we place in the property and for any maintenance to be completed on your property that is over and beyond a predetermined cost threshold. The common threshold is $150.00. We’ll also listen to your instructions and ask for your input when making decisions.

What is the pet policy?

You reserve the right to allow or not to allow tenants to keep pets in your property. From our experience, we’ve found that tenants who keep pets are generally just as responsible as those who do not.

As such, we encourage our clients to keep the option open. It can greatly reduce the amount of time that your property remains vacant.

We do however bar tenants from keeping certain breeds of pets. We can also dictate the size and weight of the pet.

When pets are allowed, tenants will have to pay a $250 one-time fee for keeping one pet and $100 for any additional pet. The maximum number of pets that a resident can keep is restricted to two.

In cases of Service Pets, or Emotional Support animals, we are required by law to allow the tenant a pet. In these cases, tenants are still responsible for any damage the pet may cause.

What is your smoking policy?

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to smoking inside of our properties. With your permission, we evict tenants who violate this policy.

How do you ensure my property gets rented to the most qualified tenant?

Our approach involves conducting checks on a tenant’s criminal background and credit history, as well as on rental history and income. We take the time to pre-qualify all of our tenants By doing this, we can maximize the probability of having finding a qualified tenant for your property. All of our tenants are prequalified and preapproved prior to showings. Destiny Property Management  requires all leases to be approved by landlord.

How does Destiny Property Management handle utilities?

In most cases tenants are responsible for the utilities once they move in. When owners are required to pay. We’ll offer guidance on the utility process to ensure all parties have a smooth transition and that the utility statements are sent in to our office for payments.

Do you require tenants to place a security deposit before they move in?

Yes, we do. The security deposit that we require from tenants is equivalent to one month’s worth of rent, or two months depending on the owner’s request. The tenant must also pay the full processing fee and any additional fees before they officially secure the property.

The security deposit cushions our clients against any property damages in excess of normal wear and tear.

How does Destiny Property Management handle property repairs and maintenance?

Some clients prefer to do it themselves while others prefer the management firm to handle it for them.

 If you leave the work to us, we’ll ensure that you get quality work with no strings attached. We have an in-house maintenance team with a quick response time, and a list of tried and tested professional contractors.

What happens when the tenant wants to break the lease early?

Parties to the lease are responsible for the entire term of the lease. If a tenant wants to break the lease, the first thing that we’ll do is access their relisting fee. The fee will enable us to look for a replacement tenant.

If we are lucky in our efforts, the tenant will be released from the lease agreement after forfeiting their security deposit to pay for the new leasing fee and inconvenience to the owner. Otherwise the tenant will remain responsible for the remaining duration of the lease.

How does Destiny Property Management ensure my property remains in tiptop condition?

In addition to doing our best to find a responsible tenant, we also conduct quarterly property inspections. Our property inspections are thorough and adhere to the local laws. Each Destiny Property Management  owner receive’s a copy of this report.

When can I expect to get paid?

You can expect for payment to be in your account between the 10th and 15th of every month depending on when your tenant pays. As for monthly statements, we upload them to your owner portal once your tenant has paid and we have processed your payment. You can view all of the financial activity of your property on your password-protected online portal.

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